Me, wearing one of my ecoprinted silk scarves, in front of my front yard perennial garden, 2016.

This is me at my first juried show in 2010, 'Inside Out', with my piece "Inner Journey Soul Image'. This exhibition featured works of art that covered the physical form, yet revealed the soul of the artist. These pieces were hand painted, hand felted, and machine embroidered.

Artist Statement

I create fiber art to awaken the spirit and connect through beauty. I began in 2009, upon retiring from the business world. My current work is focused on creating emotional connections to support the healing process, and using nature to express beauty and wholeness. My current process focus is ecoprinting. 

Ecoprinting uses natural dyes from locally sourced plants to create extraordinary color, pattern, and texture on natural fibers such as silk, linen, cotton, and wool. The plants are tightly bound into pre-mordanted (enables the dye color to adhere) cloth and steamed, creating a permanent transfer of form and pigment from the plants to the fiber. The cloth is then dried, aged, washed and ironed.

The process is highly variable. At different seasons of the year, different pigments may concentrate in various plant parts to create color variability. Some fabrics have been dyed several times due to blossoming timing. Results vary according to plant season, plant part used, processing time, local water type, mordant, fiber type, etc. An experimental attitude is required;)

Each piece is, therefore, one-of-a-kind.

All used plant material is recycled into my compost pile to feed my gardens for upcoming seasons. 



Phone: 612-708-5044

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Resume Highlights



“Inside Out: Art for the Human Form”, juror Jacquelyn Rice, Textile Center, MN, 2010

“Bodies of Water”, Runway Show at International Surface Design Association Conference, MN, 2011

“Textile Art Alliance Runway Show”, Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, 2011, 2013, 2015

“Members Show”, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, MN, 2012, 2014, 2016

“Textile Center Member Diversity Display, MN State Fair Creative Activities, MN, 2012, 2013

“Redefining, Redesigning Fashion”, Goldstein Museum, U of MN, MN, 2013

“Fabricate”, Runway Show at International Surface Design Association Conference, TX, 2013

"Art of the Garden", Minnetonka Center for the Arts, MN, 2015, 2016, 2017

MN State Fair Fine Arts, 2016

"Natural Dye Invitational", Textile Center, MN, 2016

World of Threads Festival, Ontario, Canada, 2016

World of Threads Festival of Contemporary Fibre Art, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, 2018. Solo Show.

‘Art of the Garden’, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, MN, 2019.


“Threading the Journey”, Textile Center, MN, 2010

“Members Show”, Textile Center, MN, 2011 - 2019


2010, Most Innovative Use of Materials, “Inside Out: Art for the Human Form”, Textile Center, MN

2013, Deans’ Award for Emotional Connection, “Redefining, Redesigning Fashion”, Goldstein Museum

2016, Textile Center Award for Excellence and Innovation, MN State Fair Fine Arts